もともとは画家を志してアメリカのサンフランシスコ アート インスティテュートでファインアートを学ぶが、ドキュメンタリーフォトグラフィーの授業を受けたことをきっかけに、本格的に写真を勉強する

ためにアートセンター カレッジ オブ デザインに再入学する。




自らが写真家として活躍する一方、日本で初めて写真家、ヘア・メイク、モデルをマネージメントするコマーシャルレップの「face to face」を東京に設立。



2004年、写真集「REAL FACE」(主婦の友社出版)を刊行

2008年、渋谷パルコロゴスギャラリーにて「Summer Diary in Sifnos」展示

2009年、ブリッツギャラリー(アート・フォト・サイト東京)にて「Shibuya Kawaii Style」展示



2012年、シャネル・ネクサス・ホールにて「MOOD-9 GIRLS」展示

2013年、京都二条城にて「MOOD-9 GIRLS」展示

2014年、写真集「MIX BLOOD」(スーパーラボ)を刊行

2015年、アートプロジェクト「NARA photo art」開催。米国写真家テリ・ワイフェンバック氏と共に奈良市在住の小中高生を対象とした写真workshopを行い、入江泰吉記念奈良市写真美術館にてワイフェンバック氏との二人展「NW展」を展示



I began a fine arts degree at the San Francisco art Institute originally intending to be an artist, but my focus shifted after taking a class on documentary photography, and I enrolled at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena to study photography.

I subsequently worked as a fashion photographer in Milan and London before returning to Japan. I was involved in the launch of numerous women's fashion publications including Oggi,Domani,SPUR and FIGARO. At the same time, I scouted modelling talent and was responsible for directing stylists and make-up artists on a large number of art projects.

As one of the leading fashion photographers in Japan, I have been involved in shoots for many major magazines and for advertisements. In addition to my continuing work as a fashion photographer, I established the ground-breaking commercial rep agency 'face to face in Tokyo which manages photographers, models and hair and make-up artists


1995: Published 'ORDINAL' collection, held exhibitions in Tokyo and Paris

2004: Published 'REAL FACE' collection (Shufu no Tomo publications)

2008: 'Summer Diary in Sifnos' exhibition at Logos Gallery in Parco, Shibuya

2009: 'Shibuya Kawaii Style' exhibition in Blitz Gallery (Art Photo Site, Tokyo)

2010: Began workshops to nurture creative talent

2010: 'DOUBLE' exhibition in BVLGARI Ginza

2012: 'MOOD-9 GIRLS' exhibition in Chanel Nexus Hall

2013: 'MOOD-9 GIRLS' exhibition in Nijo Castle, Kyoto

2014: Published 'MIX BLOOD' collection (SUPER LABO)

2015: Held 'NARA photo art' exhibition. Collaborated with the American photographer Terri Weifenbach, holding a photography workshop for school students in Nara. Joint 'NW' exhibition with Terri Weifenbach in the Irie Taikichi Memorial Museum of Photography.